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***** BNB

80% of total rewards


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ODENCOIN is the future
Be part of the revolution!

The first deflationary token that reward all holders in BNB equally!

The protocol uses blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and addressability of transactions. The ODENCOIN solution also includes mechanism for pool creation and a platform that allows holders to earn more!.

Main problem of the
current market?

  • Lack of transparency

    Up to 60% of the young generation admits that transparency influences their decision to invest.

  • Expensive admin costs

    High marketing upfront costs and fund transfer commissions make smaller charities difficult to maintain.

  • Managing a portfolio

    Large portfolios are hard to manage because of low liquidity, slippage and high transaction costs.

Our solution

We have built smart contracts that release 80% of total reward pool in BNB to the holders only following the decision of its project meets its milestones.

To create a transparent, decentralized infrastructure, where one can track the targeted use of funds. Thanks to the BSC protocol. Each holders will be marked for reward pool distribution.


Fund administration

The fund is started in literally several minutes with minimal costs using blockchain-based infrastructure that supports.



Maxmimum buy only 500,000 ODEN for each transaction


Decentralized infrastructure

We are fully decentralized and ODEN will be used as a native token at our own DeFi platform.


And much more